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Why choose Splendid for your B2B tech marketing?

We help tech companies engage, nurture and sell to the diverse buying groups in modern businesses.

We’re B2B tech specialists

We have delivered hundreds of highly successful lead-generation, marketing automation and communications programs for technology firms of all sizes. Our deep technical expertise and understanding of B2B-focused tech marketing ensures we know how to get results in unique sectors, and clients don’t need to waste time or budget bringing us up to speed.

We engage diverse buying groups

In the modern businesses our clients market to, individuals don’t make decisions: committees do (with an average of 5.4 in every buying group). We appreciate the complex dynamics of these buying groups and craft customised strategies that connect diverse perspectives with a common business need. This strategic insight helps carve out a place much earlier in the buying journey, leading to higher quality deals with less competition.

We’re experienced CMO advisors

Whether it’s helping a global microchip manufacturer grow its APAC partner ecosystem, guiding a trillion-dollar tech company in aligning its planning across product, operations and marketing teams, or conducting business-wide communications and sales audits to identify and fill gaps, we work closely with C-suite executives to provide strategic direction that adds measurable commercial impact.

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