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Best practice insights to give your virtual event the best chance of success 

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses all over Australia have had their event plans thrown into chaos. While many have been forced to cancel or postpone, others have quickly pivoted to virtual delivery models – with outstanding success.


Events are set to remain a key part of the marketing mix – whether presented virtually, or with a hybrid blend of virtual and face-to-face elements. For B2B technology firms, this is an opportunity to shine – delivering well-planned, compelling, high-impact events that leave audiences wanting more.


In this new, four-part weekly Spotlight Series, we will be sharing some recent virtual event successes – along with some key insights as to what made each event such a stand-out, and some overall tips for how your business can adopt these best practice elements in your business.

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#1 – Pivoting your plan

When the pandemic struck, countless B2B technology businesses were forced to cancel or postpone upcoming face-to-face events. Some, however, were able to quickly pivot their events to an online format – with great success. See how Red Hat, Salesforce and Domo managed to produce high-impact, user-friendly events under intense time pressure.

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#2 – Boosting attendance

A stand-out feature of virtual events is their accessibility – people can easily attend from all over the world, especially if an event is on-demandSo what techniques can you use to maximise numbers and get people to eagerly tune in? See how Aruba, Salesforce and OCP did it.  

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#3 – Tapping into the data

A virtual event presents all kinds of exciting data capture opportunities. In this eBook, we look how and what data to capture, and how you can leverage it to connect with audiences before, during and after an event – showcasing successful examples from IBM, Adobe and Microsoft.

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#4 – Towards 2021: What’s next for virtual events?

While most virtual events have defaulted to a no cost model, it’s time for B2B marketers to start thinking about how they can generate revenue through different kinds of virtual and blended event experiences in the near future. Our final eBook sums up all the great insights to date that we can continue to build on as well as considerations as to how we can make the transition back to paid event experiences that deliver value for attendees and sponsors as well as commercial return on marketing investment.

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