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Partner Program

Your partner network is a foundation of your business.  

Make sure it’s on solid ground.    

You rely heavily on your network of partners to sell your technology products and services to end customers. In reality, however, there are only a limited number of potential partners, and competition for their loyalty is fierce. To stand out, and to seize market shareit’s essential you reward and nurture the partners you already haveplus uncover creative ways to attract new partners to your network. By focusing on building a unique, sustainable and authentic partner program, you can create value for your partners, their customers, and your own business and any shareholders.  

How can Splendid help take your partner program to the next level? 


We have been working in IT B2B channel marketing for over a decade and have deep understanding of partner program mechanics, marketing and communication. We can help you analyse your program from a commercial, customer and competitive lens, and recommend specific strategies and tactics to help you continually measure and evolve your program over time.


Through our Partner Program service, we can help you:  


  • Identify any gaps or obstacles in your current program, as well as opportunities for growth 
  • Understand the competitive landscape – what your competitors are doing to attract and motivate their partners and if it is/isn’t yielding results 
  • Set relevantspecific and highly customised goals and metrics for evolving your program into the future  
  • Drive engagement by creating, producing and delivering high value marketing assets and resources to your existing and potential partners on your behalf  
  • Continually measure and optimise your program with detailed insights from marketing activity, partner/vendor interviews, surveys and competitors.   

Why Splendid?


We have worked with c-suite executives, sales, and technology leads across both larger vendors, as well as directly with partners

Technology Focus

As we specialise in B2B IT marketing, we have very specific understanding of the partner landscape for technology businesses

Clear insights

We deliver actionable and practical strategic recommendations that can give you a clear line of sight as to how to simplify, prioritise and move forward faster

Proven results

We have a demonstrated ability to increase engagement and add measurable value through developing commercially driven strategies that resonate both with partners and customers, and which can be measured and optimised over time.

Want to learn more about Splendid’s partner program?  Get in touch.