Splendid Services

What we offer

We can drive your marketing from start to finish with our broad range of highly specialised B2B tech marketing services.

CMO Advisory services

We work closely with C-suite executives to provide strategic direction that adds measurable commercial impact to their businesses.

Lead generation campaigns

We leverage data and a deep understanding of buying committee behaviour to help you attract new leads, with finely-targeted messaging.

Always-on marketing programs

We build out long term customer acquisition and nurture communications programs with ongoing and continually-refined multi-touch marketing.

Premium content development

Our expert team has decades of experience in producing premium content that sells tech solutions, so you never need to waste time bringing us up to speed.

SEM, Media and Telemarketing

We utilise a diverse selection of channels to reinforce campaign messaging and move organisations along their buying journey.

Marketing automation

We leverage ongoing data insights and the world’s best martech platforms to create new leads and continually nurture prospects with highly personalised, useful content.


We provide the strategic direction and content executions that members of your organisation need to become disruptive teachers via social platforms.

Performance forecast modelling

Campaign strategies and programs are underpinned with robust financial forecasting models, to establish  performance expectations around leads, customers, revenue and ROI  by channel, activity and customer segments.

Reporting, Analysis and Optimisation

Forecasts and results are captured in PowerBI dashboards,  so we can easily see how the program of work is performing against the set benchmarks, providing an opportunity to optimise budget towards the best performing channels, audience segments and messages.